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8192 Levels of Pen Pressure Sensitivity - You can enjoy smooth and accurate lines when using the drawing tablet XP-Pen DECO 01. Resolution - 5080 ,Report Rate: 266 RPS.The latest Passive Pen design!No charging required.
8 Express Keys - The 8 physical express-keys on the left are all customizable, which provides you a plethora of ways to tailor your software experience and raise your work efficiency.
Active Area: 10-by-6.25 inches Item Demension: 351-by-217-by-10 mm.Large drawing Area and Pen holder , which makes the drawing surface bigger. Quieter Express Keys, Better Linearity in art programs, Better pen pressure sensitivity.XP-Pen Deco 01 10x6.25 Inch Digital Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with Battery-Free Passive Stylus and 8 Shortcut Keys (8192 Levels Pressure) .
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