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The Missioner

Lady Wilhemina Thorpe-Hatton lives a life of extraordinary wealth and privilege. She is visiting her extensive estate in England, which includes the town of Thorpe, and all its inhabitants. When Victor Macheson, a young man chock full of ideals and theories about how to make the world a better place, petitions her for the use of a barn where he can speak on these subjects, she refuses. He is dismissed and harried out of town by the son of the estate manager Stephan Hurd. But he proves to be a stubborn sort. The estate manager is murdered by a mysterious stranger, and Lady Thorpe finds herself in the throws of a disturbing emotion... love. But why is Wilhelmina so incomprehensible, so affectionate and then so distant? And will Machesons ideals and high thinking stand the test of such treatment by her?
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